A Disturbance in the Force…

Wow! Talk about neglect…  I’ve missed a few weeks of blogging.  Why does it always seem like life is crazy?  I guess, perhaps, because it is.  Still, it seems like I should have a handle on things by now.  But there are times when I feel like I’m barely holding things together–like I’m grabbing at the crumbling pieces all around me and slapping them back up with a hurried squirt of glue that I hope will do the trick.  Or maybe the ‘feeling like I’m barely staying afloat’ is an appropriate metaphor.  Regardless, I think you get the idea.

My little one now not only now has 3 teeth, but she can also low-crawl.  It’s almost time to break out the baby gates!  We’ve had one birthday, and now have 2 more to go in the month of July.  Home remodels, homeschool planning, attempting to ready ourselves for a yardsale, working outside in attempt to ready ourselves for buying animals, a car dying, a class I forgot I had registered for starting…yep, it seems like things are being thrown at me from every corner. Nonetheless, I’m attempting to keep my head up and keep swimming!


I’m currently in the middle of a combination of planning for the upcoming school year and just simply trying to get myself organized.  I attempted something of this sort last year as well, but I was pregnant and I am blaming that for my inability to get completely organized and prepared.  Now I only have to prove that last year’s failures were definitely caused by the exhaustion of growing a baby.  Of course, right now I feel like I’m putting so much more time and energy into the wee little pumpkin.  But I’m sticking to my goals.  I will do it this year!

How do you prepare and get organized?  Homeschoolers, when do you do your planning?  Do you plan every week and prepare everything such that assignments can just be handed to the children, or do you wing it?  What sort of organizational system do you use?  Three-ring binders?  Filing cabinets? Completely computerized?

Those who don’t homeschool, do you take a certain time of year to review organization of the past year and to put together a notebook of information?  Do you create a calendar of planned events and goals for the coming year?

I’m trying to get better at my record keeping (checking daily lists, marking off things done, keeping track of the hundreds of things there are to keep track of, simply reading those daily lists!).  It should come naturally to me.  Working in research required meticulous record keeping and helped get me into that habit.  But it’s been a few years (maybe more…), and I haven’t quite mastered the act of treating home like I’m at a job.  I am getting there, though.  Are you?  What helps you get through the physical and mental exhaustion in order to plan and follow through?

Here’s to you and your goals and your goal planning!  I hope you find it easier and less exhausting than I!


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